Redmond, WA   |   Microsoft Buildings 121-122

Outdoor Work Place

Two 40-year old office buildings and the underutilized open lawn space that separated them were renovated to create a light-filled, nature-inspired work place.  Guided by the wellness goal to encourage technology workers to engage with one another in the natural outdoor environment, and inspired by the rain forest and rain shadow landscapes of the PNW, Microsoft Buildings 121 & 122 were reimagined. Access to light and nature was a major focus of the interior renovations. The existing landscape was recreated into usable and social spaces that offer an extension of the workplace into an outdoor setting with a direct connection to nature.  Mature fir trees were preserved and native understory restored; the large open lawn area was replaced with a vibrant plaza and social gathering and outdoor workspaces including a solar ‘cabin’, amphitheater, outdoor seating for meetings and/or dining; and recreation amenities.  Seasonal open-air pavilions were nestled into the forest creating a more immersive natural setting for small meetings and gatherings.  Connectivity between buildings was increased and improved local art was integrated into the landscape.

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WASLA Award of Merit


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