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Northwest Kidney Centers – Rainier Beach

Northwest Kidney Centers – Rainier Beach Clinic is a new kidney dialysis center serving the community of Rainier Beach and surrounding neighborhoods. The building was designed by Mahlum Architects using biophilic strategies, rooted in evidenced-based design to provide every patient and the staff with a direct view of nature. Patients of the clinic frequently spend multiple hours a day, more than one day a week receiving treatment and care at the clinic. Using landscape and nature to improve patient and staff experiences was a driving force behind the design. Internal courtyards are lush viewing gardens providing a connection to nature for patients and staff. Layered landscape provides habitat for small birds and pollinators, which provide opportunities for distraction from treatment. Trees were selected and placed to help provide dappled shade while still providing plenty of daylight into the interior clinic spaces. Understory plantings bring fall color and seasonal blooms, which provide an ever-changing garden experience throughout the year. This is an important aspect of the gardens since staff and patients see them over prolonged periods of time. The connection to the outdoors is evident in all spaces of the building, with treatment spaces, corridors, and staff spaces each having access to views of nature. The landscape is an important part of the healing environment and dedication to care of the community the clinic serves.

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Northwest Kidney Centers
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