Bellevue, WA   |   Campus Renovation

T-Mobile Headquarters

T-Mobile embarked on a major renovation of their existing interior and exterior facilities to create a unified campus for its employees that would inspire, foster engagement, and reflect the strong brand that drives their daily work. Exterior design efforts focused on connectivity and interaction, integration of the brand, wayfinding, pedestrian circulation, extension of workplace to the outdoor environment, and creation of a campus center for corporate events and daily use for employees for gathering and socializing, dining, and meeting.

A section of campus drive was closed to create a pedestrian plaza to serve as the campus hub. An existing sidewalk connecting the drive to other buildings was removed and relocated establishing a tree-lined, accessible pedestrian link to the plaza. The slope east of the drive was repurposed and developed into an amphitheater with seating for large company gatherings. A stage doubles as seating when not in use for events.

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